About me

I currently work as a software engineer at Wealthfront on web & back-end projects. I share my thoughts about the web platform, software engineering, Internet security & privacy, Linux, hobbies, and general musings. In the past, I've been a:

  • Software engineer at Grove, a financial planning startup (acquired by Wealthfront)
  • Lead front-end engineer at Dokkio, a tool to organize your files and folders
  • Tech lead at Social High Rise, an easy way for restaurant owners to manage social media
  • Freelance web developer & systems administrator for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses

You can email me to request my full resumé.

In my free time, I like cooking, listening to music, learning Japanese, hiking, and tinkering with Linux.


  • In 2017, I placed 3rd in a cybersecurity capture-the-flag event at the US Cyber Challenge, earning a Lethal Forensicator challenge coin.
  • In 2019, I placed 5th in the largest typing tournament, The Clicking Championship.
  • I've founded several gaming communities, most notably I created an online community & gaming platform for the largest StarCraft II modification from 2010-2012.